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Project Bretzn

What is Bretzn?

The problem: a developer wants to code

As a developer you want to create cool software get the result out to millions of users. Unfortunately, to get the code to the user you need to do more than just the fun stuff (writing code). You have to compile and package your software for all the patforms and operating systems you support; then you have to create a nice webpage with information about the application; create feedback tools like a forum and a bugreport tool; then promote your app on twitter, facebook and other social media; get it into a variety of appstores and on your website; and process the feedback from the user and re-itterate over the whole list of tasks.

The solution: Bretzn

Project Bretzn aims to reduce this cycle to 10 minutes of work with the following major goals:

  • Make it easy for developers to release an application
  • Make it easy for developers to market and for users to learn about that application
  • Make it easy for users to install the application
Bretzn does this by providing plugins for development applications like KDevelop and Qt Creator which builds your application on the open build service; pushes the result to relevant appstores; and promotes the new release on social media like twitter and facebook.

The how

Bretzn is an open project, creating an open API (part of the Open Collaboration Services ) for appstores which makes sure any appstore could work with this. The project creates several reference implementations, including a cross-platform (windows, mac and Linux) appstore, a plugin for Qt Creator and third parties are already integrating support into the MeeGo appstore. More is on the way!

Current features of the API include categories, screen shots, change logs, commenting, rating, search and update notification. Not all AppStore clients include all features right now, the KDE GHNS client is probably the most complete as it has been around for many years.

Social features include notifications directly to the desktop using the Social Desktop API, what my friends like and what my friends develop and Knowledge Base integration.

Plans for the future

Future plans are to show commits of friends, link to bug trackers so users can file bugs, allow users to easily test newer versions so developers can gather feedback and the ability to give donations to developers.

The code is available on Gitorious and anyone interested in helping out is more than welcome. The team is looking for integration in other IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans and MonoDevelop. But also work on more App Stores, further social media integration and code cleanup is needed!


Software / Spec

  Frank Karlitschek (frank at